• Steve Baker

    Inspiring, challenging and developing leaders and their teams through facilitation, coaching and key note speaking.

  • Delivering incredible conferences

    Cultivating insights, laughter and learning

    Want an incredible conference? Here's how I can help

    As a facilitator, keynote speaker and MC I've helped clients successfully deliver hundreds of conferences. Working with groups of up to 1000 delegates, I facilitate group activities, run insightful business simulations and deliver key note presentations. I understand how to keep people engaged, challenge them to think differently and ensure they leave knowing what they need to know and fired up to do things differently. If you have a conference coming up and you want to shake things up I'd be happy to talk to you about how I can help.

    "Steve is the Superman of facilitators! His energy, his passion and his ability to quickly engage the audience is of the highest standard. He facilitated sessions for a group as large as 300 and as small as 30 and showed flexibility in both style and delivery. Steve was also able to cleverly weave in company lingo and he provided several practical tips that could easily be applied. Irrespective of the function, the level, the age or experience of all my colleagues, Steve's sessions resonated with them. I'd definitely bring Steve back as a valued partner."

    Ira Alvarez

    Asia Pacific Region Strategic Marketing Manager

  • Creating outstanding offsites

    Helping the team work better

    Building better teams

    I've helped many senior leaders and their teams to understand themselves and each other better, improve communication and teamwork and develop a clear vision and strategy for their business. Using a variety of tools and models I am qualified to deliver LSI and HBDI profiles as well as problem solving methodologies Design Thinking, Lean and Six Sigma.

    "Steve recently facilitated a leadership offsite for me. It was high energy, engaging and adapted to be very relevant to our business. The team is still talking about it! I would highly recommend Steve."

    Claire Roberts

    CBA Executive General Manager, Local Business Banking

  • Bringing out the best in your people

    Facilitation, coaching and training

    Helping people think and act differently

    I'm fascinated by the way people think and the impact that this has on their behaviour. Passionate about working with people I help them understand what really matters to them in order to create lasting change in how they think and act as leaders. I love working with people on leadership, change and solving problems creatively.

    "Steve recently facilitated one of our People Managers' Meetings (100+ people). Steve excelled in both the preparation, where he took time to understand us, our culture and the desired outcomes. His performance over the two days was exceptional and he not only delivered on the outcomes but was able to adapt during the day to emergent needs. I would highly recommend Steve to others."

    Pip Marlow

    Managing Director, Microsoft Australia

  • What inspires me


    Take a moment to think about the best leader you've ever worked for. How much more did they get from you than the worst leader? Research suggests the answer is three times as much - the bottom line is leadership matters.

    Most of us spend a lot of our lives at work, through developing leaders and their teams I help make that time more productive, more enjoyable and more meaningful.


    My Background 

    I started my career in banking, working in the UK and more recently in Australia, predominantly as an internal consultant. Since leaving financial services I now work with executives and senior leaders globally in industries such as travel and aviation, IT, FMCG, financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and many professional services. My clients include Accenture, Microsoft, Qantas, Optus, Oracle, Westpac, CISCO, Janssen and KPMG.


    With a focus on inspiring, challenging and developing leaders I have worked with teams of 10 to conferences of up to 1000.

    If you’d like to talk to me about how I could help bring out the best in your people please get in touch. E-mail me at steve@stevejbaker.com

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